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The Flying Guillotine

Xue Di Zi
1975 / 111m - Hong Kong
The Flying Guillotine poster

A pretty decent but predictable Shaw Bros production. Except for one thing, which is the titular weapon. The flying guillotine is the star of the film. It's pretty gruesome, adds a new dynamic to the fights and offers something unique. All things that matter, especially when watching a film that is extremely by the numbers.

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The flying guillotine is a crucial tool in the arsenal of the emperor. He trains his best men to handle the weapon and sends them on a mission to kill his adversaries. One of the soldiers finds out the targets are innocent, but he is branded a rebel and expelled from the team. Revenge you say? Of course.

The presentation is solid, but nothing too exceptional, especially when you're familiar with the Shaw Bros films. The typical sets and characters (/actors) are present, fight choreographies are decent but nothing you haven't seen before and the plot is just an excuse for some battles. So yeah, a flying guillotine, pretty cool. The rest is merely decent.

Black Magic

Jiang Tou
1975 / 93m - Hong Kong
Black Magic poster

Shaw Bros horror that is quite light on horror. Rather than go all out, Meng Hua Ho worked hard to produce a convincing narrative. Sadly it was all in vain, because the story isn't very enticing. The production might be pretty decent for a Shaw Brow film, but it comes at a severe price. Black Magic lacks the fun and energy that makes these films worthwhile.