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Fluffy Rhapsody

Qi Mao Qiu Le
2000 / 60m - Taiwan
Fluffy Rhapsody poster

Mi-sen Wu's debut film starts off promising, but slowly loses its way as Wu tries to work in an actual plot. The film works best as a meandering slice-of-life, the moments it plays like a visual poem. When the characters and plot start to take over during the second half, my interest started to wane.

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Wan is a medical school dropout who doesn't really know what to do with his life. Even though he's a slouch with no solid future prospects, he manages to combine two relationships. One with a stewardess, the other with a high school girl who claims to be a lesbian. Still, these relationships don't seem to make Wan happy.

Wu has lots of visual flair, combined with a beautiful soundtrack and slick editing tricks, it makes for some impressive moments. The first 20 minutes or so were riveting. Sadly, Wu's attempts to add a narrative fall flat. Solid performances and the short runtime save the film from total collapse, Wu shows definite promise, but there's too much untapped potential here.