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Alive and kicking


Creed III

2023 / 116m - USA
Sport, Drama
Creed III poster

Just more Creed. The plot is elementary, a little too basic for a 2-hour movie, but that's what you need nowadays if you want to pose as a proper drama. It's not that the third entry in the Creed series is a bad film, it's just very generic and by the numbers. One for the hardcore boxing fans in other words.

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After Adonis retires with a championship belt, an old friend of him resurfaces. Adonis used to hang out with Damian when they were younger, and he's willing to give his old pal a nudge in the right direction. Damian rises to the top, but then he starts badmouthing Adonis behind his back.

It all leads to a big fight at the end and everything works out per the norm of the genre. The performances are solid and the fights are properly choreographed, the drama is weak though and it ruins the pace of the film. I guess next up is a spin-off with Adonis' daughter. That would surely tick a couple of boxes.