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2018 / 104m - USA
Thriller, Crime
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Ron Perlman is an actor you need to use wisely. He has presence, but he's not the best drama actor. It's no surprise then that he stumbles in a straight-faced crime/thriller about a hitman falling in love and hoping to find redemption. Michael Caton-Jones' heavy-handed direction only makes things worse.

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Asher is a former Mossad agent who spends the final days of his career as a contract killer. He lives by a strict set of rules, but when he bumps into Sophie he feels the rules he lived by don't serve him that well anymore. He can't just leave his old life behind though, so he has to kill the man who he has worked for all this time.

Perlman and Janssen are weak and there's no spark between them, the sullen and loaded atmosphere feels somewhat misplaced and the pacing is a little too sluggish. Somehow Caton-Jones convinced himself he was making a really deep, moving film, but the result is basic genre fare that takes itself way too serious.

The Jackal

1997 / 124m - USA
Action, Crime, Thriller
The Jackal poster