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2017 / 85m - Australia
Thriller, Horror
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An Australian low-key thriller with minor horror elements. It takes a while before Wolf reveals which direction it's headed in (even prompting the film to be labeled a drama in certain places), but some light comedy and clear horror nods later on leave little to the imagination.

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Kevin wants to get rid of the home that his father left him. When he gets a call from a potential buyer, he travels to the countryside hoping to seal the deal. He is held up by car trouble though and when he arrives the buyer is nowhere to be seen. The next morning a police offers pays a visit about a missing person case.

Mediocre performances and bare-bones cinematography betray the film's budgetary limitations. A decent score, proper build-up and some solid intrigue balance thing out. The biggest problem is the reveal at the end, which feels too cheap and really takes away some of the carefully crafted atmosphere. Decent potential, but in the end the film fails on execution.