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Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made poster

A mockumentary about a cursed film that supposedly messes so much with the people watching it that most of them end up dead. The actual mockumentary bits are quite limited though, most of the time is spent on the cursed film itself, which was supposedly recovered not too long ago. Best prepare for some artsy 70s horror in other words.

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After Maxine, the family dog, attacks Nathan, she needs to be put down. Together with his sister, Nathan goes to the forest to save Maxine's soul from hell. They dig a hole in the ground, but by doing so they release a far greater evil. Not only that, some shady figures roam the forest.

The mockumentary isn't too convincing, and the premise isn't the most original. The cursed (fake) film on the other hand is quite well-made. The problem there is that things get a bit too repetitive, and it's never quite as dark and/or disturbing as it hopes to be. Fans of 70s horror cinema may get a bigger kick out of this one, I felt it mostly dragged on for too long.