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Alive and kicking
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The inoffensive

Cedar Rapids

2011 / 87m - USA
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Youth in Revolt

2009 / 90m - USA
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Dubious filler

Plain forgettable

Yes Day

2021 / 86m - USA
Yes Day poster

A bland comedy. Not sure if it's just me getting older, but it's getting progressively harder for me to enjoy Hollywood's vision of the ideal kids, the ideal parents and their bullshit little hang-ups. It feels so overly sanitized that it sucks all the joy and fun out of these movies, which is problematic for a comedy.

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An adventurous couple turns into overprotective parents once their first kid arrives. So much in fact that their children are starting to disrespect them. To turn the tide, they decide to organize a yes-day. A single day when the kids are allowed to make all the decisions, while their parents are prohibited from saying no to their requests.

It could've been a good premise for a little naughty chaos, but we're getting ice cream breakfasts, water balloon fights and one of the most dire-looking festivals ever instead. The kids are annoying, the comedy is lame and the finale is disappointing. This could and should've been so much better.