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Extra Ordinary

2019 / 94m - Ireland
Comedy, Horror
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A comedy. Just that really. No drama, no serious bits, no takeaways, nothing to spoil the jolly and daft atmosphere that drives this film. Just a hilarious comedy. It's such a rarity nowadays that it's almost hard to believe you're actually watching one, it wasn't until the end credits started rolling that I actually believed there wasn't going to be a late genre twist.

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There's also a small layer of horror underneath it all, but that's just there for the plot. The film never gets tense, creepy or gory, everything here is done with one single goal in mind: to make you smile, giggle and smirk. It's a good thing then the film is pretty good at it too, if dry comedy is your thing at least.

Higgins and Ward are pretty great, Forte and O'Doherty are good too, but in a more exaggerated way. Visually it's quite dry, though clearly a conscious decision, as there are a few moments that betray the broader skill of both directors. This was a very welcome surprise, just a little more polish and Ahern + Loughman are ready to deliver their masterpiece.