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Don't Let Them In

2020 / 81m - UK
Horror, Comedy
Don't Let Them In poster

An amusing little horror film, thanks to Aidan O'Neill. He brightens up an otherwise simple story about pagan/satanic rituals. It's not that director Dunkin did a bad job, but if this had been a straight-up horror film I don't think it would've been good enough to leave a positive impression. Luckily there's a little more to it.

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Karl and Jenna are two social service workers. Jenna takes her job quite seriously, Karl is there for the decent hours and solid pension. He decides to join Jenna on an out-of-town assignment right before he kicks off the weekend, just to show her he's not a total moron. It's a trip he's going to remember for the rest of his life.

Take a secluded rural town, a nutter who believes people are out to kill him and some masked assailers hiding in the shadows, and you pretty much know where this is going. O'Neill's snarky comments and increasingly crude reactions make the trip worthwhile. Not the most original of horror films, but pretty funny nonetheless.