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2008 / 89m - USA
Comedy, Romance
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A pleasant romcom with some slightly absurd touches. For the most part, Million's Tenure is decent yet predictable and formulaic, held upright by solid performances of Wilson and Koechner. But Million allows himself to get a little crazy without putting too much focus on these moments, which makes a sizeable difference.

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Wilson plays Thurber, a talented teacher looking for tenure at a small college. He isn't very successful in academic circles though and he sees his chances diminish when the school hires a Yale teacher. Thurber gets help from his best friend, fellow teacher and president of the Sasquatch club, but it's clear his heart isn't really in it.

The cast does a pretty solid job, there are some genuinely funny moments and even though the romance is perfunctory, it's not entirely without charm. Tenure is not an extremely memorable or remarkable film, but if you're looking for some easy filler than Million has you covered.