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Alive and kicking



2022 / 114m - USA
Fresh poster

Incompetent film. The first half hour is so blatantly obvious that it would've been tough recovering from it regardless, but once the cat is out of the bag things only gets worse. With Fresh's premise it should've been easy enough to deliver a solid genre flick, but somehow Cave fails to nail even the simplest things.

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Nao hates dating, whenever she gives in to the urge she always ends up disappointed by the men she picks. Right when she's ready to give up, she bumps into Steve. He's charming and funny and doesn't come on too strong, so when he invites her on a weekend out of town she's happy to oblige.

The characters are annoying, the actors do a poor job and the writing is way too on the nose. It takes a long time before the film finally gets moving, and though there are some solid ideas here, Cave's direction is insufficient. A drab soundtrack, visual incompetence and drab execution of genre elements make this a drawn-out drag to sit through. Disappointing.