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Furinzuma: Jôen
2000 / 60m - Japan
Snow/Woman poster

A small indie film that shows some potential, but doesn't really capitalize on it. The direction's a bit murky, the mix of genres never truly comes together and the technical qualities are rather poor. The premise is intriguing though and it does get quite atmospheric in places, but it's simply not enough.

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A man is waiting for a woman in a snowed-in house, deep in the mountains. When the woman doesn't come the man gets a little suspicious, but the tricks himself into believing she's just held up. The longer he stays in the house, the crazier he gets and his imagination starts running wild.

Maybe with a little extra budget, some better actors, more professional gear and a talented cinematographer this could've ended up a much better film, then again that means replacing about 80% of the entire production. Fans of indie/cult cinema might get something out of it, but I wouldn't really recommend it unless you know what you're getting yourself into.