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Sôginin - Andâteikâ
2012 / 64m - Japan
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A zombie flick with some odd twists and turns. At times, I felt it was a little too generic, but then something would happen that would pull the film in a different direction. It's a low-budget affair for sure, and it's not a film that completely uproots the zombie genre, but it turned out better than I expected.

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A virus is turning people into zombies. Ryouichi is brought to safety, but the evacuation goes wrong and he is left out in the wilderness. There he meets The Undertaker, a man who is hired by the living to kill their undead family and lovers. Ryouichi joins him, and together they scour the ruins of Japan, in search of the undead.

The desaturated look works in the film's favor, the make-up is pretty effective and the camerawork has its moments, though overall it's a bit of a mixed bag. It's a pretty short film though, which means there's no time for any boredom to set in. Good zombie fun with some welcome tweaks.