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Alive and kicking



2017 / 92m - USA
M.F.A. poster

A decent rape/revenge thriller. It's not as bold or outrageous as its more illustrious predecessors, and it probably won't be as memorable either, but it's a solid thriller with a fine central performance and a couple of pleasant revenge scenes. Perfectly adequate filler in other words.

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A young art student gets invited to a party. Once there, the boy who invited her rapes her in his room. She'll soon find that hardly anybody is interested in her story, but there are other ways to get heard. Not long after her paintings are becoming a lot more inspired, a change fueled by the trips she undertakes to acquitted rapists.

Eastwood handles the lead performance and the transformation of her character pretty well. The revenge scenes aren't very graphic, but the direction is tight enough. The soundtrack is also a plus, the only problem is that the plot comes off a little too flat and predictable though. Not bad at all.