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2020 / 89m - Australia
Horror, Drama
Relic poster

Psychological horror film that transforms human suffering into actual demons. Not exactly a novel concept, a lot hinges on the execution in these films, so props to James for making it work as well as it does here. It's not a film without faults, but at its best it's one of the better horror films I've seen in a while.

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It's no surprise that Relic is a slowburner, relying on atmosphere and tension to keep its audience engaged. The first half of the film doesn't have too much actual horror, but moody cinematography and a killer soundtrack make sure that there's a constant feeling of dread and unease.

Performances are solid, the build-up is perfect, the only problem is the pre-finale, which tries to ramp up the tension but doesn't quite get there. Luckily the ending sets things right again. Not a masterpiece, the film isn't quite distinguished enough for that, but a fine horror film that sits proudly next to peers like The Babadook.