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Don't Come Back Alive

Mete Miedo
2022 / 85m - Argentina
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Argentinian horror film, that starts with a bang, but fails to add a real crescendo. There's a lot of potential here and director Sotelo does well, for the most part, but the finale doesn't really deliver and the film loses quite a bit of steam toward the end. He deserves another go though.

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During a police raid, Camila falls down a shack and ends up in the middle of a satanic ritual. The people of the sect set themselves on fire, and Camila ends up in the hospital with heavy burn wounds. Six months later she wakes up from a coma, but something has followed her from the beyond.

The supernatural elements are great but repetitive, and after a while, they lose impact. The reveal at the end isn't too special, performances are somewhat mediocre and apart from the main haunt, there isn't anything too memorable. Not a terrible horror film, it's just that the potential was there to do more with it.