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Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break poster

Funny. Which, on average, seems an easier accomplishment for British comedies when compared to their US counterparts. Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break offers a mix of different flavors, but they all work pretty well and the variety of comedy styles makes sure that it never gets too predictable or boring.

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Paul Dood still lives with his mom. Together they have worked out a musical routine that will hopefully make him famous one day. Paul enters a talent competition, but he has a terrible time getting there and when he and his mom finally arrive, the audition is over. And his day is about to get worse still.

It's nice to see a comedy go from goofy to offensive, or from dramedy to black in just a manner of minutes. The actors do a great job, the premise is amusing, the jokes are more hit than miss. It's a very easy watch, never too demanding, well-paced and funny throughout. Very fine comedy filler.