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The World is Mine

Lumea e a Mea
2015 / 104m - Romania
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A coming of age drama that fails to surprise. Director Tanase does his very best to add some bells and whistles, but can't hide the fact that this is a story that's been told countless times before. That doesn't make The World Is Mine a bad film, but it does make it a somewhat uneventful one, where it's hard to become fully invested in the characters.

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Larisa is a young girl whose home situation isn't exactly ideal. When she hooks up with one of the popular girls' boyfriends, she gets trapped in a negative spiral. Larisa is suspended from school, she falls out of grace with her friends and whatever she does to try and fix her current ordeal only seems to be making things worse.

There used to be a time when these pubescent girl dramas fared better with me, but unless the characters are really on point or the film tries to at least shift some boundaries, they've become tougher to care about. Performances are decent though, the cinematography certainly isn't the worst and the soundtrack feels contemporary, other than that the drama left me rather cold.