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2020 / 115m - USA
Action, Adventure
Mulan poster

Disney's live-action version of Mulan. I wouldn't really call it a remake of their animated film, since they've dropped the musical bits and comedy, going for a more straight-forward telling of Mulan's story. Oddly enough, that puts the film closer to the Chinese live-action films, giving them some tough competition.

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The story of Mulan hasn't changed a lot. A young, tomboyish girl gets her parents into trouble when she won't settle down with a guy. To make matters worse, she takes her father's place when he's called into battle. Disguised as a boy, Mulan leaves her home, knowing fully well the disgrace she's about to entrust on her family's name.

There is some prime fighting talent present (Jet Li and Donnie Yen), but Caro is obviously clueless on how to use them well. The cinematography lacks the grandeur of its Chinese competitors, the soundtrack doesn't sit well, and the English dialogue isn't doing the actors any favors. It's certainly better than Disney's animated film, but there's no real reason to watch this when there are better versions out there already.