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The House

2022 / 97m - UK
Comedy, Thriller - Anthology, Animation
The House poster

A very cool animated trilogy. While different directors handled the three shorts, there's a surprising consistency between the films, in setting, themes, and visual style. That's maybe a little disappointing, as I tend to prefer variety over consistency, but the stop-motion animation is well impressive, so I wasn't too bothered.

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All three shorts are about the misgivings a single house is bringing its inhabitants. The first family is moving into a bigger house, which slowly drives them mad. The second house drives a salesman to insanity, and the final house holds a young woman captive while she tries to restore the building to its former glory.

The first short is by far the best. Very moody, very stylish, and sporting a perfect build-up. The two remaining shorts are good too, but comparatively weaker. The atmosphere is less tangible and the pent-up irritation gets a bit too predictable. The charming animation and novel concept are a boon though. A lovely and loving Netflix project.