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Together Together

2021 / 90m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Together Together poster

A cute little dramedy. I'm usually not the biggest fan of the genre, certainly not when more famous comedians use it to try and get some extra acting credits. The nice thing is that Helms remains dedicated to his more comedic side, while Harrison covers the more serious notes.

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Matt is a single father with a birth wish. He seeks out a surrogate mother, his choice lands on Anna, a girl 20 years younger than him. When they first start their journey together they have strict boundaries, but as the pregnancy becomes more real, those quickly drop away, leaving them both vulnerable.

There's a pleasant amount of wit that makes this film very bearable. The plot isn't that interesting and the drama is somewhat predictable, there aren't many laugh-out-loud moments either, but there's plenty to smirk at and the emotional core of the film is pretty solid. Small, sweet, and enjoyable.