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1987 / 86m - Norway
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A Norwegian adventure. It's a film mostly lauded for its setting. If you love snowy, treacherous environments then you probably should give this one a shot, personally I was a little disappointed by the meager adventure and the middling cinematography. Just snow doesn't really cut it for me.

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A peaceful family is attacked by Scandinavian barbarians. The youngest son manages to escape, but other clans are unwilling to help him and though he vows to revenge his family, it doesn't take long before the barbarians take the boy hostage. He agrees to lead them to his fugitive family members, but not without forging a plan first.

Performances are pretty weak, but it's mostly the adventure that fails to engage. A barren trek through the wilderness sounded more than appealing enough, but somehow it doesn't feel half as epic or impressive as it should've been. Pacing issues, mediocre action scenes and some exceedingly cheesy moments make it hard to like this film.