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Slam Dunk: The Movie

1994 / 30m - Japan
Sport - Animation
Slam Dunk: The Movie poster

After having seen the recent Slam Dunk film, I was quite curious to watch some of the older ones, just to see how they compared. The first film is just 30 minutes long though, meaning it's little more than a glorified episode. It's not terrible, but it feels pretty random and can't begin to compare to the 2022 version.

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The film covers a single match, between Shohoko and Takezono. It's only Sakuragi's second match, but already he is facing Oda, a former classmate of his. There is still some tension between the two players, which will turn into motivation when they're facing each other on the court.

The plot is negligible, there really isn't enough time to do the drama any justice, and even the match isn't all that exciting, as there's little time to build up the tension. The art style is surprisingly detailed, but the animation is pretty poor. It's not too dull, and it's definitely short, but hardly worth the effort.