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Don't Worry Darling

2022 / 123m - USA
Mystery, Thriller
Don't Worry Darling poster

Forget all the fuss and nonsense you heard about the production of this film, just watch it for what it is: a very pleasant mystery with strong thriller elements and a mild sci-fi injection. It's not the most original concept, but Olivia Wilde's direction deserves credit and makes a positive difference.

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Alice and Jack are a happy couple who live in a fancy suburb. Jack works on Project Victory, a secret programme, Alice tends to the house and provides for Jack. The longer she lives there, the stronger the feeling that something is off. The neighborhood and Jack's job are just a little too perfect.

The performances are solid, the cinematography is lush and the soundtrack deserves a special mention, kudos for doing something special with it. The plot feels familiar and the twist isn't all that original, but I care more about the atmosphere and that's where Don't Worry Darling shines. A big step up from Booksmart, Wilde should push further in this direction.


2019 / 102m - USA
Booksmart poster

A somewhat meager attempt to make a female-driven version of Superbad. The performances are mediocre, the film isn't all that funny and instead of serving more comedy, Wilde puts in more heart and drama. Ultimately, that just made things worse. There is some potential here, but this just wasn't very good.