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Violence Jack: Hell's Wind

Baiorensu Jakku: Herusuuindo Hen
1990 / 60m - Japan
Action, Sci-fi, Horror - Animation
Violence Jack: Hell's Wind poster

Not quite on par with the second entry in the trilogy, but definitely better than the first film. The animation quality is a small step up, yet the impact is rather limited. The series' home release roots are obvious and Violence Jack relies more on its art style plus over-the-top action to keep people glued to the screen.

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It's not quite as insane and/or depraved as the middle entry, which is a little odd as the middle episodes in these types of trilogies are usually the tamest. The episodes here don't form a coherent story arc though and act more like stand-alone stories within the same universe. Probably the smart thing to do, considering that narrative and characters aren't really the series' biggest assets.

The story is pretty much negligible and the characters are pretty static. Whenever nobody is being ripped to shreds or blood isn't splattering across the screen, the overall quality quickly plunges. Luckily there's plenty of the aforementioned going on, but I felt a bit disappointed that Hell's Wind didn't push the boundaries just a little more.