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Wild Flowers

Flores Silvestres
2015 / 50m - Mexico
Wild Flowers poster

A rather basic, short drama about guilt and grief. Lombardini makes an effort to spruce it up with the cinematography, but the attempts are a little haphazard and without a decent score to back it up, the result isn't much to write home about. Not a film that fulfills its full potential.

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Marta is a middle-aged woman who lives a rather secluded life. She lost her son at a young age and still blames herself for the accident. It isn't until she meets Germán, a younger man, that she finally allows herself to open up and tries to let go of the grief that has paralyzed her for so long.

The performances are decent but nothing special, the drama is textbook and while the cinematography is pleasant, it's not strong enough to carry the film. The short runtime doesn't really allow for anything beyond the basic exposition of the drama either. It's not a horrible film, just not at all memorable.