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Rites of Spring

2011 / 80m - USA
Horror, Thriller
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Open 24 Hours

2018 / 102m - Canada
Open 24 Hours poster

A very basic horror flick. Open 24 Hours isn't too bad, there are moments that show potential, and with some extra fine-tuning this could've been prime horror filler. It's just a little too sloppy and lazy for that. Relying on genre clich├ęs is fine, but the execution must be perfect, and that wasn't always the case here.

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A young girl applies for a night shift job in a local gas station. She's just been released from prison and is mentally unstable, with only one friend and a boarish parole officer to help her out she needs all the help she can get. Her first night doesn't really go as planned, as she keeps seeing her ex-boyfriend, an infamous serial killer.

The paranoia elements are pretty poor, the plot is incredibly simple and the background drama is overdone. The gore is decent though, the setting is moody and there are some brutal scenes, though none so extreme to make this stand out from the crowd. It's a decent enough horror film, just not all that remarkable.