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Dark Woods 2

Villmark 2
2015 / 93m - Norway
Dark Woods 2 poster

A very loose sequel. The broader location of the film is the same as the first and the crashed German pilot lore returns, but Dark Woods 2 is a full-on haunted madhouse horror, with hardly any forest-action to speak of. Whether that warrants the use of the franchise name is debatable, but who cares when the quality is there.

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A specialized team is hired to inspect an abandoned sanitarium, before it is demolished. When they arrive at the location things don't quite go as planned. They find a corpse hanging from the ceiling and the caretaker turns out to be a total creep, but they need the money, and so they decide to power through.

The setting is marvelous, Øie adds the usual thrills and then some, the horror elements are properly realized, and the ending is properly freaky without explaining too much. There's not an ounce of originality here, but if you love a good asylum horror, Dark Woods 2 won't disappoint.


2009 / 95m - Norway
Hidden poster

Dark Woods

2003 / 85m - Norway
Horror, Thriller
Dark Woods poster

The most basic of horror films, but sometimes that's all you really need. Dark Woods is as generic as its title suggests, but director Øie manages to create a grim and eerie atmosphere, the location and dark cinematography do the rest. An easy recommend for people who are looking for fun horror filler.

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For Gunnar's latest TV show, he plans to send contestants into the wild. Before he starts, he wants his crew to have the same experiences as the contestants. They go to stay in the cabin Gunnar grew up in, where they undertake various missions. What they don't know is that someone else is also running around in the woods.

Something is clearly amiss, but the audience won't get the answers until the end of the film. The characters are awkward enough to arouse suspicion, the dark woods and creaky cabin make for a perfect setting and the grungy camerawork is fitting. It's all very predictable and the film fails to stand out, but I had a pretty good time with it.