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2022 / 115m - USA
Smile poster

Not great. Smile is a horror film that doesn't even try to do anything special beyond its premise. Sadly Parker Finn doesn't draw too many scares from that, and once you arrive at the second part of the film, it's mostly just investigative scenes with a little horror for padding. Past traumas incoming!

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Rose is a psychiatrist who has a new patient kill herself during their first session together. The woman reported being followed by a dark creature, wearing the face of familiars and giving her creepy smiles. The curse transfers to Rose, who now has to confront her past demons to get past this new ordeal.

The smiley people aren't quite as creepy as intended, the jump scares were mediocre and the CG was downright subpar. Performances were decent enough, but a simple film like this can't support a 2-hour runtime and the second half was a pretty big disappointment. Not my cup of tea.