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Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist

Satoshi Kon, l'Illusionniste
2021 / 81m - France
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I'm not the most hardcore Satoshi Kon fan around, but the man has directed some of my all-time favorite films, and he has been a major influence in the anime industry, so I am pleased to see him get the recognition he deserves. That said, this documentary doesn't really do justice to Kon and his artistic legacy, which definitely feels like a missed opportunity.

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The setup is pretty simple, as the documentary runs through his most famous works in chronological order. We get quotes and insights from industry veterans and people who actively worked with Kon, but also some Western film critics and others artists inspired by his work. As such, it's more of an introduction to Kon than it is the deep dive I was hoping for.

Certain aspects of his career (his involvement in Magnetic Rose) and work (the tremendous importance of the soundtracks in his films) are completely neglected, the strong difference between Japanese and Western interviewees didn't sit too well with me either. It's certainly nice to fly through Kon's career a decade after his passing, but the man deserves a better remembrance than this doc hoped to give him.