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Corporate Animals

2019 / 86m - USA
Comedy, Horror
Corporate Animals poster

Surprising comedy from Patrick Brice. I never really liked his horror work, as a comedy director he fares a lot better. It's all very silly and on the nose, but there are some genuine laughs here and the balance between comedy and horror is perfect. It's hardly masterpiece material, but good fun nonetheless.

There's Someone Inside Your House poster

Nowadays, there aren't too many slashers being made that benefit from a decent budget, so I was eager to see what director Brice would do in this niche. There surely are some enlightened moments here, but they are swamped by subpar drama and lazy plot cruft. Not what a good slasher needs.

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Makani Young and her friends are shocked when one of their classmates is brutally murdered, right after his nasty secret is revealed. A masked killer is seeking out students who have a secret to hide, which is pretty much everyone. Makani too has a dark past, one her friends don't know about, so she fears the killer is coming after her next.

Annoying teens are a staple of the genre, but normally they die fast, and they don't get too much exposure beyond the time needed to set up the next kill. The kills themselves aren't too bad (though not very creative), there's just too much dead time between them and the characters, nor the final reveal are really worth it. Basic genre filler.

The Overnight

2015 / 79m - USA
Comedy, Mystery
The Overnight poster

Creep 2

2017 / 78m - USA
Horror, Thriller
Creep 2 poster


2014 / 77m - USA
Horror, Thriller
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