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Paddington 2

2017 / 103m - UK
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Paddington 2 poster

Way more charming than it's allowed to be. This could've easily been a cheap, quick and cynical cash grab, especially as it's a sequel. But in fact, it's a solid step up from the first one. Well made, funny, charming and completely void of fake sentiment. Prime family entertainment.


2014 / 95m - UK
Comedy, Fantasy
Paddington poster


2023 / 116m - USA
Comedy, Adventure
Wonka poster

My expectations of the new Wonka film were pretty low, but sometimes that can be helpful. I wasn't surprised that the musical elements didn't appeal to me and I'm doubtful that Chalamet can ever redeem himself, but the presentation and the lush styling certainly helped to soften the blow.

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This prequel tells how Wonka arrives in town as a young boy, without any money on him. He gets scammed by a crummy landlord and is forced to work off his debt, but his fascination for chocolate cannot be tamed, and with the help of some friendly neighbors he finds a way to pursue his dreams.

These straightforward musicals aren't my thing, except that the sets and costumes can be quite lush, not in the least when the films are more fantasy-oriented. It's the main draw of Wonka, other than that it's a pretty basic fantasy film aimed primarily at a young audience. I'm also glad they kept it under two hours, even if it was a close call. Better than I had expected.