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Ghost Master

Gôsuto Masutâ
2019 / 88m - Japan
Ghost Master poster

Japanese splatter with a surprisingly well-stacked cast. The film does get too caught up in its own narrative, which can get a bit geeky and too movie-centered. A tighter focus on horror and all-out weirdness would've made for a better film, but it's an amusing Japanese horror romp. Somewhat of a rarity these days, so it was a welcome diversion.

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A film crew is trying to finish a romantic drama, but nobody is really loving the film. The assistant director is the only one with a bit of drive, but he is more interested in filming his own script: a horror novel. When the lead actor consumes his script by accident, both movies start to converge and the film crew is caught in some weird film limbo.

The effects are decent, some famous faces add a bit of glamour to the cast and the horror bits do get quite grotesque. The film-centric focus feels a bit lazy though and the plot/characters get too much exposure, especially for a film that relies on weird body horror. Splatter fans won't be bored, but don't expect prime Sushi Typhoon-like material.