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Lucia de B.

2014 / 97m - The Netherlands
Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Love in a Bottle

2021 / 79m - The Netherlands
Love in a Bottle poster

COVID lockdown was a weird period for many, I also understand this is a movie, which means you need about 90 minutes worth of material. The thing is, Hoekstra's character is so incredibly annoying that it's very difficult to believe anyone willing to communicate with her for more than 5 minutes. Which is the entire premise of this film.

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Lucky and Miles bump into each other on the airport in Madrid, when they are back home, COVID hits. Lucky got the name tag from Miles' suitcase, so she decides to give him a call. It's the start of a screen relationship that sees the two growing closer together. But long distance relationships during pandemics aren't always easy.

Two people talking to each other over screens for 80 minutes is a very contemporary thing, but you better make sure those two characters are in some way lovable. Miles is pretty bland, Lucky irretrievably annoying, the film in other words sucked pretty bad. The relationship didn't feel genuine, I didn't care one bit for the characters, but at least it was short.