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Ghost Lab

2021 / 117m - Thailand
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Not the best Thai horror film around, not all that scary either, but if you're looking for some easy filler than the film is a pretty decent option. There was a time when Thai cinema was not quite as slick and commercialized, but it seems that at least for the time being, this is the type of genre film we're going to see from them.

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Two medical students witness an apparition at their university. They decide to investigate the existence of ghosts for themselves and start an experiment. When the results aren't what they hoped for, they are willing to have last one go at it: one of the two will kill himself, hoping to return to the other as a ghost.

The performances are rather weak, and it takes a while before the film gets going. Once Ghost Lab finds its footing though, there are some pretty nifty horror scenes. Not the most scary or gruesome you've ever seen, but pretty nasty and entertaining nonetheless. Solid filler, nothing more, nothing less.