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The Nurtull Gang

1923 / 86m - Sweden
The Nurtull Gang poster

Swedish classics, so far they haven't been able to convince me of their appeal. The Nurtull Gang is another heavily character/narrative-driven film, which simply isn't a great match for the silent format. I'm sure people looked at it differently back then, with no other options available to them, but by modern standards this is just way too slow.

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A thoroughly feminist film, following four women in their fight against the patriarchy. They do their best to combine work and romance, they fight for civil rights and they try to help each other out as much as they can. Again, a subject that was well ahead of its time when the film was made, but isn't that impressive anymore.

There's a lot of reading, then acting out what was said in the intertitles. Performances feel natural and the restoration is pretty slick, yet the drama is rather lifeless and the pacing is dreadful. The cinematography is also way too functional and the absence of any kind of score just adds to the dullness. Not my kind of film I'm afraid.