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The Full Monty

1997 / 91m - UK
Comedy, Drama
The Full Monty poster

I remember seeing this film close to its original release, but back then this wasn't the kind of cinema I could appreciate. It's still not up there with my favorites, but this was a pretty fun rewatch nonetheless. What could've been a dreary social drama turned about to be a pretty amusing comedy.

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Gaz and Dave are two former steel mill workers who fail to land another job. Gaz is close to losing his son, out of desperation he starts up a strippers ensemble with Dave and some other mates. They may not have the body and the moves, but Gaz and Dave hope they will manage to get by on novelty value alone.

Carlyle and Addy are tons of fun, the comedy is pretty decent and the pacing is solid. The story is predictable though, and the film doesn't really tread any new ground. It's a basic feel-good comedy with some unlikely losers overcoming many adversities to come out winners at the end. Decent fun.

The Rocker

2008 / 102m - USA
Comedy, Music
The Rocker poster

Starts off well enough, but after half an hour the film gets a little too comfortable. The comedy slowly disappears and what's left is a pretty dull rise to fame story of a "rock" band that plays some of the most soulless, drab music ever known to man. At least it has Rainn Wilson, but even he can't save this wreck.