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Hector and the Search for Happiness

2014 / 114m - UK
Comedy, Drama
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The Space Between Us

2017 / 120m - USA
Romance, Sci-fi
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A teen romance with some sci-fi bits tacked on to make things a little more interesting. Whether effective really depends on one's ability to go along with the romance, personally I didn't think it worked all that well. While Chelsom's film is promising in places, the overall impression is one of missed potential.

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The story revolves around the first boy born on Mars, somewhat of a medical mishap that wasn't supposed to happen. He is awfully lonely there and all he wants is to go back to Earth. Sadly his body isn't built to survive Earth's gravity. Sounds very sci-fi, but that's just the setup, so don't expect too much of it.

The bulk of the film is set on Earth and is little more than a young adult romance story. While the cinematography is decent, the soundtrack is a little disappointing and the actors aren't all that convincing either. Not even Oldman manages to make a good impression. I had better hopes for this one, but it wasn't terrible either.