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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

2009 / 106m - USA
Drama, Mystery
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt poster

End of Days

1999 / 122m - USA
Horror, Action
End of Days poster

The Relic

1997 / 110m - USA
Horror, Thriller
The Relic poster


1994 / 99m - USA
Action, Sci-fi
Timecop poster

A film tailored to the needs of young teen boys. Van Damme takes the lead, there's a half-arsed sci-fi plot, some random nudity, and second-rate action. Mix it all together and you get exactly what Hollywood executives think a teenage boy likes. And maybe they're right, but man is this the type of film you can easily outgrow.

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When a scientist discovers a way to travel through time, the US quickly assembles a special police force to prevent others from using the technology to commit crimes. Walker is one of the appointed cops, and he finds that a politician has already been abusing the tech to turn himself into the next president.

Van Damme isn't great, but neither is the rest of the cast. The direction is bland, the plot is ridiculous and the genre elements are poorly realized. It's fast-paced and cheesy though, which prevents it from becoming a complete slog, but that's not much of a saving grace. Not my kind of film.