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The Washingtonians

2007 / 57m - USA
The Washingtonians poster

Species II

1998 / 93m - USA
Sci-fi, Horror
Species II poster

Cheap sequel to a cheap film. I never really understood the appeal of the first Species film, this second one is clearly a quick cash-in, exploiting the success of the first one. In many ways it's even worse than the original, except maybe where it matters the most: the horror bits are actually quite juicy.

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When a team of astronauts returns from Mars, they bring back some concealed guests. They treat their hosts nicely, but the women they hook up with aren't so lucky. An investigator figures out what's happening and tries to locate the astronauts before the alien threat takes over our world.

Performances are absolute crap, the film looks dirt cheap (especially the sci-fi elements) and the police investigation is dull at best. The horror effects look pretty cool though and there are quite a few exploding bodies and tentacles to keep things interesting. It's not enough to redeem this film, but it does make it bearable.

The Changeling

1980 / 107m - Canada
The Changeling poster