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Alive and kicking



2023 / 101m - USA
Fantasy, Adventure - Animation
Elemental poster

Pixar sure loves a good dichotomy. It's at the core of almost every one of their films, though Elemental may be their laziest attempt yet. As the title explains, this is a story about the four elements, more particularly, the relationship between one fire element and one water element. And yes, the symbolism is really that shallow.

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Ember's parents moved to Elemental City, where the four different elements live together. Her father wanted to open up a shop there, and even though he succeeded, he never really got along with the other elements. Ember is a temperamental young lady, but her outlook on life changes when she meets Wade, a water element.

Props for tweaking the art style just a little. It's subtle and it doesn't make a big difference, but at least Pixar is trying to evolve. The characters are horrible though (Wade in particular is obnoxious), the comedy is bland and the plot is more than a little embarrassing. But it's not their worst, so that's something.

The Good Dinosaur

2015 / 93m - USA
- Animation
The Good Dinosaur poster