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Blood Red Sky

2021 / 121m - Germany
Horror, Action
Blood Red Sky poster

An odd mix of genres and elements. Blood Red Sky is a plane hijacking flick that mixes in vampires. To make things even weirder, the vampires act more like zombies, so what you really get is a zombie flick in a plane. Not sure how director Thorwarth managed to sell the concept, but he seemingly did get a decent enough budget to turn his script into a film.

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Nadja and her son Elias are taking a flight to New York. Midway the plane is hijacked and ordered to turn around. This isn't really an option for Nadja, who can't stand daylight, and so she stands up against the hijackers. The situation escalates and not long after the plane is filled with bloodthirsty vampires thirsting for blood.

Vampires and zombies aren't my favorite zombie creatures, Thorwarth isn't adding much to their lore either. It's a decent enough film though, combining action and horror elements to create a pretty tense and bloody spectacle. Not quite as gruesome as I'd hoped, a bit too long maybe, but if you're looking for decent horror filler, this film will do.