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The War Game

1966 / 48m - UK
Documentary, War
The War Game poster

An interesting mockumentary that documents the possible fallout of a nuclear war between the UK and Russia. Watkins applies learnings from other historical bombings (Dresden and Hiroshima among others) and shows what this would mean for the UK, should this happen to them.

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There's a clear post-WWII/Cold War feel to the film that makes it appear a little outdated, the nuclear scare is still around but isn't as immediately pressing as it once was. This isn't helped by some rather cheap-looking graphs and overall poor production values, which makes the film a relic of its time.

There's still relevance here though, especially when Watkins takes to the street and asks people about the willingness to engage in such a war. A mockumentary like this feels like a perfect medicine against all the crude political opinions and statements shared by the public (and seen discussed on social media platforms), even today.