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Mojin: Dragon Ridge Shrine

2020 / 91m - China
Adventure, Action
Mojin: Dragon Ridge Shrine poster

A disappointing effort. I'm not even sure if this film is part of the official Mojin franchise or whether it is just shameless streamer filler. Not that it matters all that much, this is just another tomb-raiding adventure, like there are so many already. Dragon Ridge Shrine doesn't even try to add anything original to the genre, sadly, it also falters on budget and execution.

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The plot is completely negligible. Professor Sun was lost during an expedition to the Dragon Ridge Shrine. Old Ho and a couple of friends start up a new expedition to find out what happened to him, while also taking a closer look at the secrets this old tomb may hide. Of course, there are other interested parties who want to get to the riches without doing all the hard work.

You get intricate tomb designs, some traps, giant spiders, and competing raiders. At 90 minutes (that's about 15 minutes of extra fluff) the film feels too long, the budget wasn't there to deliver some half-decent CG and the comedy really didn't work. There's still a bit of basic adventuring fun to be had, but there are so many better films doing exactly the same, it's a tough recommend.