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Thailand - 60 years old
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Rare treats

The Protector

Tom Yum Goong
2005 / 108m - Thailand
The Protector poster

As a martial arts fan, The Protector is the kind of movie I love watching. It puts every single baht in making its fight scenes bigger, crazier and more inventive.

The good stuff

The first of the popular Muay Thai movies and the film that gave rise to Tony Jaa's stardom. The impact isn't as big compared to the first time I watched it, but there are still plenty of kick-ass action scenes and Jaa's screen presence is truly one of a kind. A martial arts classic that helped to put Thai action cinema on the map.


2008 / 110m - Thailand
Chocolate poster

The drama is flimsy, the music too melodramatic. Visually, it's a good watch, but the prime attraction are the battles, which don't disappoint at all.

Solid pieces


2019 / 105m - Thailand
Sisters poster

Pinkaew is back ... with a horror film. The intro feels a little rushed and at times I wondered if this was part of an existing franchise, but once things start to fall into place this became a fun and entertaining little film. The monster designs and cheap CG keep it from reaching a higher score though. Whether it was intentional or not, the cheesiness felt out of place.

The Protector 2

Tom Yum Goong 2
2013 / 104m - Thailand
The Protector 2 poster

The Kick

2011 / 94m - Thailand
Action, Sport
The Kick poster

The inoffensive

Elephant White

2011 / 91m - USA
Action, Crime, Fantasy, Thriller
Elephant White poster