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Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

Angst Essen Seele Auf
1974 / 92m - West Germany
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This was only my first Fassbinder, it only seemed appropriate to pick his most lauded film to get acquainted with one of Germany's biggest directors. I can't say I really dug Fassbinder's style, then again my expectations were rather limited so this wasn't really a big disappointment either.

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A widow gets to know a young Arab worker when taking shelter from a storm in a small cafe. The two have a connection and not long after they share a house. The relationship grows stronger and eventually they marry. The widow's children aren't happy to see their mother remarry though.

The characters are well-developed and get ample room to grow on the audience, but the presentation of the film is pretty dire and lifeless. The main theme was probably a bit more relevant when the film was originally released, yet it feels dated now. In the end, there wasn't much here for me, but it wasn't the worst classic I've seen.