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Lilies of the Field

1963 / 94m - USA
Lilies of the Field poster

A complete cheese bomb. I'm pretty sure even someone like Walt Disney would've thought the film was maybe a bit much. The characters are full-on, one-dimensional caricatures, there's hardly any drama (the worst thing that happens is a shipment of bricks being late) and the plot is silly as can be. But at least the film as an overall pleasant vibe, which is quite rare.

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Homer Smith, a black baptist, is crossing the desert when his car suddenly fails him. Luckily, there's a farm close by. When he gets there he is greeted by 5 nuns. They are quite pushy, and they talk him into doing some chores for them. Before he knows it, he's staying with the nuns and building them a church.

All characters are inherently good here, and when their vanity pops up it is immediately remedied with some wise words from the rest of the cast. The plot is completely saccharine, the styling is bland, but the pacing is decent, and it's also somewhat refreshing to spend some time with characters that aren't total douchebags. Some redeeming qualities, but not a great film.