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See for Me

2021 / 92m - Canada
See for Me poster

A simple home invasion film. There's a minor twist, as the main character is blind, but we have been similar setups lately. See for Me is a pretty decent attempt, sporting a perfect setting and moody cinematography, the only problem is that director Okita never quite raises the tension high enough.

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Sophie was a promising skier, but she sees her dream go up in smoke when she turns blind. Trying to move on with her life, she offers her services as a house sitter. When cat sitting for a particularly rich woman, three men break into the house and start their search for a safe. With the little help of an app, Sophie will try to get out alive.

A remote house in the dead of winter, a main character with sensitive hearing and a girl on the other side of a phone helping her to escape. All the ingredients are there for a tense little film, but somehow the threat isn't strong enough and the film simply meanders along. Not a bad film, just a little plain.