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2022 / 79m - USA
Glorious poster

It's not easy coming up with a novel concept for a horror film these days, so kudos to Glorious for delivering something that I hadn't really seen before. While there may not have been quite enough material for a full-length feature film, McKendry does a solid job to keep things fresh and interesting.

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Wes is pining for his lost love when he stumbles into a public restroom after a particularly rowdy night. A voice from the stall next to him starts talking, eager to start a conversation. Wes isn't in the mood, but the voice is quite demanding. When Wes finds himself unable to leave the restroom, he realizes something is off.

With a small cast and a single location, it's not always easy to keep a film engaging, but a superb setup and some neat little twists kept me on my toes. The film neatly evades some "less is more" traps, the cinematography is decent and the performances are fun, adding a little comedy to the whole. A pleasant surprise.