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2020 / 43m - New Zealand
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A nifty nature doc. The bar for these documentaries has been raised significantly in the past decade, but director Sidey still found a way to distinguish himself for the many others out there. Elementa appears more artistic (think Koyaanisqatsi) than its peers, ditching facts and information for purer impressions.

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Stark and ultra clean black and white cinematography, an ethereal electronic score and visuals divided into different panels offer a unique look at nature. The recordings are absolutely stunning and in combination with the music the film clearly aims to be a 45-minute audiovisual trip.

The music is a bit overbearing, the flow between the different segments feels a little janky and the black and white cinematography doesn't always appear to be the best choice. These are minor issues considering the visual strengths of the film, but for a film that aspires to be an audiovisual masterpiece it makes that Elementa never reaches its full potential. Would love to see more by Sidey though, as he clearly has a knack for these types of docs.